Claw  1.7.3
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game_ai.hpp File Reference

Artificial intelligence for games. More...

#include <list>
#include <claw/impl/game_ai.tpp>

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class  claw::ai::game::game_state< Action, Numeric >
 A state of a game. More...
class  claw::ai::game::action_eval< Action, Numeric >
 A score associated with an action. More...
class  claw::ai::game::min_max< State >
 Find an action with the MinMax algorithm. More...
class  claw::ai::game::alpha_beta< State >
 Find an action with the alpha-beta algorithm. More...
class  claw::ai::game::select_action< Method >
 Select an action using a given method (min_max, alpha_beta). More...
class  claw::ai::game::select_random_action< Method >
 Select a random action among the best ones. More...


namespace  claw
 This is the main namespace.
namespace  claw::ai
 Everything about artificial intelligence.
namespace  claw::ai::game
 Everything about artificial intelligence related game algorithms.

Detailed Description

Artificial intelligence for games.

Julien Jorge, S├ębastien Angibaud

Definition in file game_ai.hpp.