Claw  1.7.3
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log_level.cpp File Reference

Implementation of the claw::log_level class. More...

#include <claw/log_level.hpp>
#include <claw/claw_gettext.hpp>

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namespace  claw
 This is the main namespace.


log_level claw::log_error (0,"error: ")
 Use this level if something goes really bad and your application may crash.
log_level claw::log_warning (1,"warning: ")
 Use this level if a small problem occurs and you can deal with it without crashing the application.
log_level claw::log_verbose (15)
 Use this level if you want to inform the user about a situation that is not problematic.

Detailed Description

Implementation of the claw::log_level class.

Julien Jorge

Definition in file log_level.cpp.