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algorithm.hpp File Reference

Generic algorithms on sequences. More...

#include <claw/impl/algorithm.tpp>

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namespace  claw
 This is the main namespace.


template<typename InputIterator , typename UnaryFunction >
UnaryFunction claw::inplace_for_each (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, UnaryFunction f)
 Apply an unary function to all members of a sequence.
template<typename ForwardIterator1 , typename ForwardIterator2 >
ForwardIterator1 claw::find_first_not_of (ForwardIterator1 first1, ForwardIterator1 last1, ForwardIterator2 first2, ForwardIterator2 last2)
 Find the position in a range of the first element not in the elements of a given range.
template<typename ForwardIterator1 , typename ForwardIterator2 , typename ForwardIterator3 >
std::size_t claw::replace (ForwardIterator1 first, ForwardIterator1 last, ForwardIterator2 e1_first, ForwardIterator2 e1_last, ForwardIterator3 e2_first, ForwardIterator3 e2_last)
 Replace a set of elements in a range by other elements.

Detailed Description

Generic algorithms on sequences.

Julien Jorge

Definition in file algorithm.hpp.