Claw  1.7.3
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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o*algorithm.hppGeneric algorithms on sequences
o*application.hppA class to represent the application
o*arguments.hppA class to manage the arguments of your program
o*arguments_table.hppA class to manage the arguments of your program, with automatic management of short/long arguments and help message
o*assert.hppSome assert macros to strengthen you code
o*automaton.hppA basic automaton structure
o*avl.hppAVL Binary search tree
o*avl_base.hppBase implementation for the AVL Binary search tree
o*basic_singleton.hppA (really) basic implementation of the singleton design pattern
o*basic_socket.hppCommon interface for claw::net::basic_socketbuf and claw::net::socket_server
o*basic_socketbuf.hppSocket buffer to be used with std::basic_socket_stream, for easy socket reading and writing
o*binary_node.hppBasic binary node
o*bit_istream.hppThis class is made to help reading datas of custom bit length
o*bit_ostream.hppThis class is made to help writing datas of custom bit length
o*bitmap.hppA class for bitmap pictures
o*box_2d.hppA rectangle represented by two points in a 2D space
o*buffered_istream.hppThis class is made to help reading istreams with a buffer
o*buffered_ostream.hppThis class is made to help wrinting in ostreams with a buffer
o*claw.hppThe purpose of this file is to document the namespaces of the library
o*claw_gettext.hppMacros to call gettext on the libclaw textdomain
o*color_palette.hppA palette of color, for palettized images
o*configuration_file.hppA class to get the content of a configuration file
o*coordinate_2d.hppCoordinates in a two dimensional space
o*coordinate_traits.hppThe coordinate traits provide an access to the members of the structures representing a coordinate in a 2D space
o*curve.hppClaw's implementation of Bézier curves
o*dynamic_library.hppA class to use dynamic libraries
o*dynamic_library_traits.hppInclude the good interface for dynamic libraries for your system
o*dynamic_library_traits_unix.hppUnix interface for using dynamic libraries
o*dynamic_library_traits_win32.hppMicrosoft Windows interface for using dynamic libraries
o*exception.hppA simple class to use as exception with string message
o*factory.hppThe design pattern of the factory
o*functional.hppSome function object classes
o*game_ai.hppArtificial intelligence for games
o*gif.hppImage class for gif files
o*glob.hppGlobalization algorithm
o*graph.hppA class to represent a graph
o*graph_algorithm.hppVarious algorithms for graph manipulation
o*image.hppA class to deal with images
o*isocket_stream.hppA class to use any socket as a classic standard input stream
o*it_index.hppA class to manage an index and an iterator easily
o*iterator.hppSome special kind of iterators. As an example: iterator on the keys of a map
o*jpeg.hppA class for jpeg pictures
o*jpeg_error_manager.hppMethods for the claw::graphic::jpeg::error_manager class
o*kmp.hppKmp class interface. Use this class for exact pattern matching. This class uses the Knuth-Morris-Pratt's algorithm
o*line_2d.hppA straight line in a two dimensional space
o*log_level.hppA class to pass log information to the loggers
o*log_stream.hppSome basic classes for logging
o*log_stream_concise.hppA log stream that does not output a message that have been recently output
o*log_stream_uniq.hppA log stream that does not output successively the same message
o*logger.hppSome basic classes for logging
o*lzw_decoder.hppA class to help decoding a stream encoded with Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression algorithm
o*lzw_encoder.hppA class to help encoding a stream with Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression algorithm
o*math.hppSome mathematical structures and functions
o*max_vector.hppFill a container with some values, keeping only all the "maximum" inserted values
o*meta.hppStructures for meta-programming
o*multi_type_map.hppThis class can associate values of different types to a key
o*multi_type_map_visitor.hppThis class goes through all entries in a multi_type_map and apply a function to them
o*non_copyable.hppInherit from this class to forbid copy constructor in your class
o*ordered_set.hppA class to manage sets of ordered items
o*osocket_stream.hppA class to use any socket as a classic standard output stream
o*pcx.hppA class for pcx pictures
o*pixel.hppRepresentation of a pixel in image processing
o*png.hppA class for png pictures
o*real_number.hppCustom precision real numbers
o*rectangle.hppA class representing a rectangle by his x,y coordinates, width and height
o*rle_decoder.hppA class to help decoding run-length encoded (RLE) streams
o*rle_encoder.hppA class to help run-length encoding (RLE) streams
o*smart_ptr.hppA pointer with a reference counter
o*socket_server.hppClass used to receive incoming connections
o*socket_stream.hppA class to use any socket as a classic standard stream
o*socket_traits.hppInclude the good interface for sockets for your system
o*socket_traits_unix.hppUnix interface for using sockets
o*socket_traits_win32.hppWin32 interface for using sockets
o*string_algorithm.hppGeneric algorithms on strings
o*system_info.hppInclude the good interface for system information for your system
o*system_info_unix.hppA class to get some informations about the system in which your program runs
o*system_info_win32.hppA class to get some informations about the system in which your program runs
o*targa.hppA class for targa pictures
o*tree.hppA tree structure with any number of children
o*trie.hppA trie structure
o*types.hppSome classes for the raw manipulation of the base types
o*vector_2d.hppTwo dimensional vector
o*version.hppThe version of the library
\*xbm.hppA class for xbm pictures