Claw  1.7.3
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curve.hpp File Reference

Claw's implementation of Bézier curves. More...

#include <claw/coordinate_traits.hpp>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "claw/impl/curve.tpp"

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class  claw::math::curve< C, Traits >
 Implementation of the Bézier curve. More...
class  claw::math::curve< C, Traits >::control_point
 The control_point class describes a control point of the curve, with the direction of the curve before and after the point. More...
class  claw::math::curve< C, Traits >::section
 A section is a part of the curve between two control points. More...
class  claw::math::curve< C, Traits >::section::resolved_point
 The resolved point class is a point found on a section. More...


namespace  claw
 This is the main namespace.
namespace  claw::math
 Manipulation of mathematic, geometric, etc. items.

Detailed Description

Claw's implementation of Bézier curves.

Julien Jorge

Definition in file curve.hpp.