Claw  1.7.3
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gif.hpp File Reference

Image class for gif files. More...

#include <claw/color_palette.hpp>
#include <claw/functional.hpp>
#include <claw/image.hpp>
#include <claw/iterator.hpp>
#include <claw/lzw_decoder.hpp>
#include <claw/types.hpp>
#include <list>

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class  claw::graphic::gif
 A class for gif pictures. More...
class  claw::graphic::gif::frame
 One frame in the animation. More...
struct  claw::graphic::gif::header
 Header of the gif files.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::screen_descriptor
 Some informations on the screen where the image is rendered.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::image_descriptor
struct  claw::graphic::gif::extension
 Extension of the format.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::trailer
 The end of the file.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::graphic_control_extension
 Extension describing a rendering block.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::comment_extension
 Extension commenting the file.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::plain_text_extension
 Extension adding graphic text support.
struct  claw::graphic::gif::application_extension
 Extension adding some informations about the application.
class  claw::graphic::gif::reader
 This class reads data from a gif file. The image is resized to the size of the screen (as defined in the gif file) and the frames are stored in a list of frames passed as parameter. More...
struct  claw::graphic::gif::reader::reader_info
 Some global data needed when reading the file.
class  claw::graphic::gif::reader::input_buffer
 The buffer passed to the LZW decoder to decode the input.
class  claw::graphic::gif::reader::output_buffer
 Buffer passed to the LZW decoder to write decoded data.


namespace  claw
 This is the main namespace.
namespace  claw::graphic
 Everything about image structures and processing.


void std::swap (claw::graphic::gif &a, claw::graphic::gif &b)
 Swap the content of two gifs.

Detailed Description

Image class for gif files.

Julien Jorge

Definition in file gif.hpp.