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claw::tween::tweener_sequence Class Reference

The tweener sequence manages several tweeners in a common timeline. More...

#include <tweener_sequence.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void insert (const tweener &t)
 Add a tweener in the sequence.
void clear ()
 Remove all the tweeners from the sequence.
bool empty () const
 Tells if there is nothing in this sequence.
- Public Member Functions inherited from claw::tween::base_tweener
virtual ~base_tweener ()
base_tweenerclone () const
 Create a copy of this allocated with new.
bool is_finished () const
 Tell if the tweener has reached his total duration.
double update (double dt)
 Update the base_tweener of a given amount of time.
void on_finished (finish_callback f)
 Execute the callbacks notifying about the finish of the tweener.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from claw::tween::base_tweener
typedef boost::function< void()> finish_callback
 The type of the function called to notify the end of the tweener.

Detailed Description

The tweener sequence manages several tweeners in a common timeline.

A tweener in a tweener sequence will start only when all the previous tweeners in the same sequence are over.

Julien Jorge
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Definition at line 51 of file tweener_sequence.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void claw::tween::tweener_sequence::insert ( const tweener t)

Add a tweener in the sequence.

tThe tweener.

Definition at line 36 of file tweener_sequence.cpp.

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